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Investing in technology, processing improvements or finding people to scale and enable their growth strategy, are one of the most important decisions companies face today because they don’t find the exact balance to get it. 

However, these companies find themselves unable to justify an investment in full time resources to fulfill their Information Technology (IT) business applications needs, which forces them to seek external IT service providers, typically a software vendor or a partner from their network. But most of these providers fail to deliver a 360° solution because of two main reasons: (1) software vendors frequently don't provide timely resolutions to day-to-day questions or issues and (2) IT Service providers don't deliver a 360° solution because of process, functional or technical knowledge gaps.

To avoid this problem, we offer you five ways to solve it. This includes the “Technology Business Partner Program” which is an innovative service designed to provide an enhanced partnership between BaseForward International and you. Imagine an ally advising you in every decision and answering your questions. This is “Technology Business Partner Program”. The partner who will be responsible for your full understanding regarding your business applications portfolio while coordinating the delivery of all services provided by your company. This makes a connection between Base Forward International and you; we will help you to figure out your needs and to achieve your corporate goals.

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