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Consulting Gap

Now that we've defined the market, let's discuss why Base Forward International needs to be positioned and branded. This venture is about serving as a long term partner focused on post-production support and services. Commonly, software vendors provide support as part of their maintenance fees and some vendors provide professional services on a time and material basis; that means a disadvantage, thus there is a gap between both. But with us, you will have a partner on whom you can rely your personal and integrated way of working.


We know that you are constantly looking for thoughtful and educated answers to ensure the integrity of your data, that´s why Base Forward International works by your side in order to find premium support for your projects as your single go-to partner. 


the gap

When that thin line between an issue and a project is crossed (e.g. a report does not give me the information that I need — which is my issue — turns into a need to develop a custom report), organizations will typically have two alternatives to get things done. This is what we call The Support-Consulting Gap. When the problem is impossible to handle, then it will undoubtedly be attended by separate areas which have different goals, priorities, expertise, etc. And not in a specific and integral way a problem is supposed to be taken care of.

We make

the difference

Other alternatives that exist today include companies that work on Information Technology (IT) services projects such as Accenture or Deloitte. These are huge corporations that will have experts in many IT products —all kinds of information and communication machines, mostly computers— and will assist companies in implementations and, in some cases, post production projects.

However, these companies do not fill the gap either, simply because their current model does not allow clients to partner and provide on-going premium support billed on a time and materials basis, which is where Base Forward International is differentiated. We fill the Support-Consulting Gap that your company needs. Base Forward International is innovating by starting the Technology Business Partner Program, where a principal consultant is assigned and will be responsible of making sure that you are comfortable with the projects on a daily basis, providing endlessly support and making sure that you are taking full advantage of your information systems. Our solutions concept includes a guide to make your experience easier to face.

There are, of course, situations that can only be handled internally by organizations, so BaseForward International cannot be the sole responsible for the success, but it is in the company's best interest to make this happen.

To summarize, and after a few months and projects, the Technology Business Partner will understand much better what you are doing and more importantly, you will be able to make suggestions or recommendations based on your priorities and best interests.