Best strategies and techniques

ERP implementation

and 5 tactical financial areas

ERP System

With more than 20 years of experience in business consulting in the financial and distribution area, we support the client with project management and the implementation of the ERP System.

Premium Financial Systems Support

Post production support services with a premium Service Level Agreement (SLA), including a committed initial time to respond of 4 hours and after-hours support with a premium fee associated.

Application Integrations

Assist with a design, scope, and delivery of integrations between business applications to provide efficiency gains, risk reduction and scalability.

Data Migrations

Assist with data migrations between ERP/business applications for new lines of business, company acquisitions or brand new implementations.

System Upgrades

Plan, execute and deliver upgrades to mitigate risk of running unsupported or obsolete business applications and ensure all latest features and functionality are delivered.